Temporary housing for surfers in Tarifa


Título: Temporary housing for surfers in Tarifa
Autor del texto: VV. AA.

Colección: RETHINKING collection #001 Architecture competitions
Editor: RETHINKING Architecture competitions y RU books
ISBN: 978-84-941838-8-1
PVP con IVA: 18 €
Nº de páginas: 160
Dimensiones: 170×240 mm
Cubierta: Blanda
Lugar y fecha publicación: Sevilla Noviembre 2015
Materia: Arquitectura, Vivienda, Proyectos, Urbanismo, nuevas tecnologías.

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Descripción del Producto

Charles Édouard Jeanneret-Gris once wrote, “Architecture is stifled by custom. The “styles” are a lie”. Taking this as a guiding belief, he had the conviction to change everything around him: construction methods, materials, urban living and even his own name.

Current architecture is based, in many ways, on trivial things and building without one sensible purpose. What would happen if a team of more than 200 young architects, with wonderful minds, focused on giving a solution to a real problem using only ARCHITECTURE?

What kind of architecture is not the question. Good architecture doesn’t depend on styles, shapes, perspectives or views only, it must deal with people and give them what they really need.

And this is “Temporary housing for Surfers in Tarifa”, an Experiments Laboratory where all those ideas today, at last, have a name and shout to the world that they have a voice and affirm the Antonio Gaudí sentence: “There is no reason not to try something new just because no one tried it before”.

Platform that aims to promote competitions for students and young architects, where research and reflection on issues which are relevant to contemporary culture and the architectural project is possible. In this dynamic, which is close to research, would lie the starting points for the proposed competitions, going further than just doing the project and technical documentation for an specific building on an specific site, and starting to deepen in the interests or obsessions that four avid architects with lots of energy have about architecture and the architectural project. In an attempt to combine personal architectural concerns with real conditions of the city will arise the statements for the proposed competitions.

#001 Temporary Housing for Surfers in Tarifa is the first book from the Rethinking Collection. You can find here every project participating in this competition and an exclusive review written by the jury. This is a great investigation about Housing and the different views proposed by student and professionals from all over the world.


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